Steps for creating a smart home



We will find the individual solution for each client and we will develop the system which is completely answering to your desires.



By our efforts the project will become reality and will be carried out not only in virtual systems, but also in practice.


Commissioning works

All structures realized by us will find life and will be able to function in full accordance with the project and expectations of the client.

What controls the Smart Home?


4 February, 2015
Samsung started selling “clever houses” in the USA and Korea

The company chose the United States and Korea for start and the test of technology. Smarthome soyedinyaet in a single whole …

12 December, 2014
Clever life in Denmark

Europe too headed for environmental friendliness of constructions. Their new technology of construction of one-storeyed buildings in time, not exceeding usually …

23 October, 2014
Examples of the most technological buildings of the world

1. Al-Bahar’s towers, Abu Dhabi. These 29-storeyed buildings disprove the concept “real estate” — they move. For the sake of protection …

7 July, 2014
Future KasperskyLab eyes

What can wait for the person in that future which is assumed by current trends of development of technologies? Very first …

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